Nantes - France

Painted and chiseled leathers

Embossed, painted and chiseled leather, gold and silver leaves, 200x080 cm, partial view.

Melting pot of the breviary of Marie de Savoie, about 1528.

Leather hanging, 210x250 cm, with "chinoiseries" patterns

Painted and chiseled, polychrome with 24 carats gold leaf gilding.

Final product: Wall decor with Far East life scenes, painted on leather, gilded with gold leaf and chiseled.    

Private mansion of the 18th century, Geneva.

Madeleine, d’après famille Memmi, Sienne Polychrome+or 24 cts,

100x080 cm

Marie, 100x080cm

Reflet, d’après l'écorché de Houdon

Noir et argent oxydé, 100x080 cm