Nantes - France

The activity of this workshop is the manufacture of high-end articles and concerns the interior decoration.

The manufacture of products requires a lot of care; they are all made in a traditional way and completely handmade; the objects of casing come from the world of the office and the library; this includes ornaments, writing boards, desk pads, filing cabinets and mail sorters, pen cases, etc. but also jewelry boxes, cigar boxes and any object manufactured on demand.

Our workshop produces wall panels of embossed leather (from Cordoba) that are generally drawn, embossed, tinted in the workshop, also painted and chiselled leathers; they are finished on demand, gold, silver or polychrome or can be simply patinated and waxed.

The company accepts custom work and works in perfect collaboration with interior designers, decorators and private contractors.

Presentation of the activity; TF1 news broadcast of the 18th of May, 2015

Each product should please and a great attention is given to the choice of skins that are a living material with differences in structure and appearance from one to another.

You would easily understand that, as a result, each object made is a unique piece.

FR3 Alpes, journal of the 31st of May, 2016

Yves Reeman, appointed Master of Art by the Minister of Culture, Ms Fleur Pellerin,

Official Journal of the 5th of August, 2015